Featuring Local, Regional, and National Artists


The Arts Council has a variety of spaces and venues showcasing local and regional visual artists.

Exhibits encompass a full spectrum of artists’ professional experience: from beginning amateur to seasoned professional, our mission is to assist all levels of artist in continued learning through exhibition opportunity.

We have one outdoor and five indoor galleries: The NorthLight Gallery, Galleria At The Forum, West End Studio, What’s Up Downstairs, The Patio, and The Sculpture Garden.  Throughout the summer we also have our free interactive kids' exhibit, ArtZeum.

All gallery exhibits are open to the public FREE OF CHARGE during regular open hours.

(See the bottom of this page for contact information on galleries.)


Sculpture Garden @ The Kemp

Refined White Flour: March 19 – May 22

Paula Savage: June 18 - September 3


WFAA Members' Exhibit: August 20 - September 25

Annual juried exhibit open to all members of the Wichita Falls Art Association.

Jim Livingston: October 22 – January 8

Jim Livingston has taken more than 2000 images of the Flora Kemp tomb over the past 40 years. This retrospective will feature some of his favorites from this collection.

Diana Beach-Stamper: September 10 - November 12

Diana is a member of the Chickamauga Cherokee, White River Band. Her work focuses on the celebration of her cultural heritage, particularly the importance and beauty of horses.


Kathy Smyers: January 8 - March 26

Larry Hamilton: January 15 – March 20

MSU Painting Students: January 29 – April 10

Marsha Wright-Reeves: January 8 - March 13

Serio-Hughes: March 26 - June 12

Adam Lynskey: October 30 - January 2

Jason Bly: October 30 - January 9

The Artistry Group: October 23 - December 30

Yasuyo Maruyama: April 9 - June 11

Kevin Appiah-Kubi: March 19 – May 22

MSU Drawing and Painting: March 19 – May 22

Kelly Land: April 16 - June 12

At The Kemp
• The NorthLight gallery is dedicated to our most experienced artists.
• The West End Studio and What’s Up Downstairs Galleries typically feature a varying level of emerging artists and smaller professional exhibits.
• The Patio gallery and our other auxiliary spaces feature community programming. In addition, we’re pleased to highlight the work of our gift shop artists at our off-site space on Maplewood Avenue.
• The Sculpture Garden is the home to 11 permanent pieces, as well as our annual juried exhibit featuring 10 national and international artists. These pieces remain on the grounds for a full calendar year, changing each May.

At The Forum
• The Galleria at The Forum exclusively features women artists in reference to the building’s former history as the home of The Woman’s Forum.

For more information about our exhibits please contact:
Kristine Thueson
Program Coordinator
(940) 767-2787